Uphill Rush: Slide Jump

Uphill Rush: Slide Jump

Bounce forever in this ultra splashy game! How far can you jump? Try it today!

Game details

Android 6.0+
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4.2 (84.8%) 104 votes

Game description

Launch your character into the air and try to bounce forever. Try this ultra fun and super simple game that will keep you hooked for hours.
Slide and jump as far as you can in the funniest water park you've ever seen. Don’t wait! Play it now for FREE!
Perform mega jumps and bounce forever in the splashiest game of them all.

💧 Explore over a dozen awesome locations like the amusement park, Port City, Bay City, and the arctic area.
💧 Choose one of many awesome, inflatable watercraft that you can customize while on your way to victory!
💧 Pick your vehicle from a variety of crazy watercraft including: spaceship, rocket, banana, boat, and many more!
💧 Collect gems and upgrade your experience as you master the game.
💧 Discover the extra daily challenges, which include an ultra fun mini game.

Master your skills in this challenging and splashy game. Experience infinite fun with the simple tap and launch gameplay.
🏄Aim high, jump far, and make a splash as you try to beat your best score and improve your skills while having mega fun!🏄

Don’t wait! Play the ultra splashy game now for FREE. Slide fast, jump high, and bounce forever! Mega fun is just one tap away!

Changelog / What's New

- Bug Fixes

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