Airtime: Group Facetime + YouTube

Airtime: Group Facetime + YouTube

Watch videos together

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Android 5.0+
USK: All ages
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4.1 (82.3%) 7,776 votes

App description

Airtime is the only group video app that lets you hang out with Youtube, live TV, movies, Soundcloud, and more.

In a world of social platforms that ask us to filter, share, and curate our lives, Airtime gives you and your friends a space to hang out and just be yourselves. No feeds, no algorithms, no liking, no commenting - Airtime is about you and friends jamming out to your favorite new music or watching your friends lose it to that reliable old Vine compilation. Airtime is unfiltered, unedited, unsanitized time with your friends.

Why you should get Airtime:
Watch and listen to Youtube, Soundcloud, live TV, and movies, together in real-time.
Create rooms with up to 250 people messaging and 10 people live on group video.
Share your own photos and videos for everyone to see while chatting.
Say what can’t be said with emoji reactions, animated stickers, and chat masks.
We don’t divide people between green texts and blue texts - bring the whole group together across any type of phone.

If you’ve read this far, we want you to know we are working tirelessly to make Airtime the best place for you to hang out with your friends online, so let us know your thoughts and what you’re looking for!

Changelog / What's New

Welcome to the new Airtime. Today, we’re introducing some huge updates that make it simpler than ever to gather on group video and hang out with the people, music, and videos you love.
We're introducing TV and movies to the Airtime universe! From action movies to horror flicks, we’re giving you new reasons to hibernate online with your friends this holiday season.
We’re trying to make Airtime the best place for you to hang out with your friends online, so let us know what you think!

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