Night Incubus

Night Incubus

Try to find a way out of the lair of horrible monsters!

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Android 4.1+
100,000 - 500,000
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2.3 (46.7%) 1,306 votes

Game description

Try to find a way out of the lair of horrible monsters!
🔹 Before you - a new exciting brodilka with an inexpressible horror atmosphere 👹. You have to fight with the eerie monsters that will stand in your way, pass a dark labyrinth on board the ghost ship and find a way to escape from it. An exciting gameplay will also contribute to pleasant graphics and amazing music.

🔹 Each of us is afraid of something. Loneliness, darkness, pain, dentists, height - all these and many other things are considered standard fears, which often occur in a variety of people. The above phenomena are understandable and it is not difficult to understand what is so frightening about them. But there is another fear, to which it is not so easy to choose a logical explanation - the fear of supernatural beings. Ghosts, vampires, phantoms, monsters - these creatures are hard not to be afraid, let the fact of their existence is not proven. For someone who seriously believes in them, no proof is needed. The central theme of this game is precisely the counteraction to all the terrible creatures that are trying to devour you. Prove that you can resist them!

🔹 There is one legend that tells about a giant dark submarine, which once in several years surfaced to the surface in different parts of the world. The crew of this submarine is more than doubtful - a company of ghosts, monsters and demons of all shapes and sizes. And, as is often found in such beings, they all have one very malevolent property - the love of human flesh. And these creatures are not just cannibals, but also great gourmets - they prefer to eat children, believing that children have the best taste. So these demons and travel around the world on their floating fortress, from time to time stopping to replenish their edible supplies. In other words, they kidnap the children to eat them later. All this looks like another terrible tale for naughty kids, is not it? Many children also thought so, but only they will not be able to tell anyone ...

🔹 The main character is the most ordinary little girl. Everything in her life was good, but once her whole world turned upside down. One night she woke up and found herself not in her bed, but inside some eerie and damp room, like a ship's hold. What was happening was like a little nightmares. Quite quickly recovering from the shock (this girl is not really out of fear), the heroine decides to conduct reconnaissance. Very quickly, she comes to disappointing conclusions - she somehow ended up on board that horrid submarine with monsters! The fact that the submarine is quite real is bad news, and it's even worse to be on it yourself. The girl (also quite clever) quickly smiles - if she does not find a way to escape as quickly as possible from an ominous submarine, the inhabitants of the ship will find her and use her as a snack.

🔹 So, you have to go the way to the uppermost deck of the submarine to escape from this nightmare. You start the game on the lowest tier, so the road will not be easy. In the course you will repeatedly meet the eerie inhabitants of the submarine. Unfortunately, your heroine does not have any fighting qualities (do not be too strict with her, it's just a little girl), so you'll have to make every effort not to fall into the eyes of bloodthirsty monsters and ghosts and pass unnoticed by them. Use the environment around you - hide in boxes, hide behind piles, ship gear, navigate through narrow ventilation gates - and hungry demons will not have the slightest chance to catch you!

🔹 The path to freedom from this nightmare will not be easy and full of dangers, but ingenuity and secrecy will be your main trump cards. Leave the insidious monsters in fools and escape from a horrific floating fortress that does not have a ship names!

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