Jelly - Meet new People

Jelly - Meet new People

Create new friends and communicate via video calls. The #1 introducing app.

App details

Android 4.1+
Mature 17+
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4.0 (79.5%) 6,744 votes

App description

Jelly is the app that helps you create new friends. Search near you or abroad and connect with the most fun people around you; potential new friends that share similar interest.

Our features:
✔ Multimedia chat; exchange photos, audio, video and gifts.
✔ Video calls and voice calls.
✔ Immediate communication with our users.
✔ Advanced search; more than 25 variables in use.
✔ Real profiles thanks to our Verification Account service.
✔ Privacy: Block any Facebook Friends and navigate anonymously.

Expanding your social network and meeting new and interesting people has never been simpler.

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Changelog / What's New

Material Design
Better Friend Management.
Advanced Search
Search by Name
Video Call improvements
Send emails to your contacts
No more crashes; much improved connection to servers.
Search in specific cities or locations without being there.
Minor bug fixes.

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