Halodoc - Doctors, Medicine & Labs

Halodoc - Doctors, Medicine & Labs

For all your healthcare needs, just #UseHalodoc!

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Android 4.4+
USK: All ages
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App description

Halodoc – Doctors, Medicine, Labs -

Halodoc allows you to chat with general practitioners and specialist, buy medicine, and lab test in one application. Simple and easy, just #UseHalodoc!

Halodoc features:
✓ Hubungi Dokter (Contact Doctor)
Consult with our doctor via chat, voice/video Call and our Halodoc’s general practitioners and specialists, who are registered in IDI will answer all of your question.
Don't hesitate to ask the doctor and chat with the doctor anytime and anywhere.
Get FREE promos to contact doctors 24 hours non-stop.

✓ Apotik Antar (Pharmacy Delivery)
Buy medicine and other healthcare products are easier with Halodoc.
Halodoc guarantees the authenticity of the medicine sent to you, where package will be sealed and delivered safely within 1 hour.
Our service are available 24/7 and FREE DELIVERY.

✓ Lab Service
Halodoc and Prodia are here to provide the lab service you need. Pick your own place and date, the lab officer will come to you. The result will be available on Halodoc app.
Need further explanation about your result? Ask directly to the doctor in Halodoc.

✓ Health Articles
Get various tips on health from trusted health articles in Halodoc app. There are thousands of health articles available and can be accessed anytime anywhere for free!"

Changelog / What's New

With this update, we are launching a brand new way to pay on Halodoc with better experience and capabilities.
Added Go-Pay and credit cards as new payment methods.
A fresh new look for Articles.
Squashed some bugs
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If you have a question or a suggestion, reach out to us at help@halodoc.com

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