JOMO | Time Well Spent

JOMO | Time Well Spent

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Android 4.4+
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App description

JOMO makes it easy for you to do more of what you love, in real life. Quickly plan outings with friends or open the doors to something new and exciting with other likeminded people nearby. Maybe photos with other photographers, hikes with other hikers, or beers with other beer lovers… it’s everything you want to do, happening now.

It's easy and fun— just share your plans and immediately find friends and others in your community to join, or follow the people, places, and activities you love so you can always know what’s going on around you.

Changelog / What's New

- We now give you the ability to customize the size of your event header images
- Not only that, we've greatly improved the image search results you receive when trying to find the perfect event image header.
- You can now directly share links to JOMO events on Facebook (as well as via SMS) so others can easily join in on the adventure.
- Finally, lots of other refinements and fixes were also included as well

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