Realistic sniper game

Realistic sniper game

The final battle between justice and evil!Bullets decide the winner!

Game details

Android 2.3+
Mature 17+
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4.6 (91.6%) 1,304 votes

Game description

Evil criminals always hide in the dark and try to take away your life silently.
You can take the same way to revenge.
Raise your gun and aim to shoot.

 Gameplay is rich:
The plot is rich, the scenes are diverse, the game modes are also different- suppression mode, single point spike/block mode, assist mode, etc. There are rich and varied plots in the game to make the game more fun!
Hundreds of exciting and non-repetitive tasks and exciting storyline will let you beunable to extricate yourself!

 Unique bullet time:
In the realm of the combination of people and guns, fully enjoy the thrill of lore, the cool bullet track, and touch your heart!

 Rich modern weapons:
Rifles, sniper rifles, sub-machine guns, and pistols... select your favourite weapon and use the unique weapon upgrade system to create the strongest sniper weapon. Win high rewards by completing unique special actions!
 Real sniper effects, beautiful pictures, and realistic sound effects, let you really feel the fun of shooting!

 The game screen is exquisite, the sound effect is realistic, the operation is simple,let you feel the immersive battle!Find hidden enemies and aim to shoot!Complete all the tasks and return home!

 No Wi-Fi? No problem!
 Suitable for all Android 4.0+ models

Changelog / What's New

Solve the problem that some models cannot be started after downloading

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